Monday, June 24, 2013

The Rights of Man

Do the ladies of Lake County occupy the thoughts of anyone in Washington more than Congressman Peter Roskam? Your LakeCountyEye thinks not. As readers of this blog are pensively aware:
Shark-Bait and Switch
The ladies of Lake County have given Peter Roskam so much to think about that he voted for a House Bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks.

It is not for nothing that Roskam benefits from a reputation of being Lake County's ladiesman in Congress. And as if any additional proof was needed, Roskam sent out this new campaign mailer to those very same ladies of Lake County:

Peter Roskam -- Protecting the Rights of Women Here at Home
The mailer is fecund with photo reproductions of Roskam talking with the ladies, all presumably of Lake County. Although the pictures do not have captions, they no doubt portray Roskam advising these ladies on their rights under the law. Your LakeCountyEye has deduced some likely captions from the body language and other contextual cues:
"Your Fourth Amendment Right prohibits Federal Marshals from searching your home or your body, unless they have a warrant."
"Under your Miranda Rights you do not have to answer questions advanced by the arresting Marshals, prior to obtaining legal counsel."
"Young ladies, if any of your mommies need a late-term abortion and then must go to a Federal penitentiary, you still will have some limited rights after you are placed in the DCFS System."
Next: Peter Roskam on the in and outs of winning a Presidential pardon.

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