Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tow the Mark

Your LakeCountyEye is fuming. Halfway to the Route 53 Extension (for some dirt-cheap tollway oasis gas) it became apparent that there is no Route 53 Extension Tollway Oasis. Because there is no Route 53 Extension. So here your LakeCountyEye sits waiting for the tow truck. And some gasoline. And fuming.

Luckily a nearby Exxon/Mobil, with an unsecured WiFi, has allowed your LakeCountyEye to pass the time surfin the Web for campaign contributions.  As in campaign contributions given to some notable Lake County politicians.

One notable politician is Lake County Sheriff, Mark Curran -- who, coincidentally and not long ago posted contributions his campaign received from some towing companies and ambulance services.  There are at least seven, by your LakeCountyEye's count ...

Friends of Mark Curran :: Individual Contributions :: Illinois State Board of Elections
Altogether, the seven companies gave more than $9,000 to Friends of Mark Curran.  If your LakeCountyEye didn't know any better it would've looked like they were engaged in some sort of bidding war.  But if anything is certain to your LakeCountyEye, it is that Curran must be experiencing all sorts of trouble driving to and from work.  Enough trouble that he has required the assistance of seven emergency road services -- who no doubt are all grateful for his business.

Now, even your LakeCountyEye's pre-owned vehicle doesn't break down that frequently.  Just sayin!

Anyhow, a Lake County courtesy patrol just stopped and the officer wants your LakeCountyEye to roll down the window.  Hopefully this helpful Sheriff's Deputy will know the contact info to an inexpensive emergency road service.

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