Friday, June 21, 2013

Guns or Butternut Squash

Mr Gallagher and Mr Ball-PeenWith the possible exception of assault weapons, there is nothing Lake County craves more than fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Not uncoincidentally NBC Chicago is reporting that the State of Illinois wants to help Lake County obtain what it really really wants, and not a minute too soon:
Gov. Pat Quinn wants Illinois residents to buy fruits and vegetables that are produced in-state. The Chicago Democrat on Saturday announced a new "Where Fresh Is" campaign. The campaign is aimed at promoting the purchase of Illinois-grown food.
Quinn Wants Residents to Buy Illinois Produce
Not to brag, but your LakeCountyEye knows a thing or two about locally grown produce -- as there are some chronic illnesses can only be successfully treated with prescription medicinal marijuana. Nonetheless, the best way to identify the fruits & vegetables likely to appear on the typical Lake County dinner plate, would be to ask some typical Lake County residents.

Unfortunately, however, as readers of this blog are unfortunately aware ...
Disarm with a Smile
because of a tight deadline imposed by Springfield, a number of Lake County municipalities are concurrently seeking to ban assault weapons. And your LakeCountyEye was not able to talk to any -- technically speaking -- Lake County residents. On the other hand there were plenty of representatives from the gun manufacturer's lobby on scene and eager to talk, all of which was good enough for your LakeCountyEye!

One might assume the typical gun aficionado would be more likely to stop for a beer and a brat than for some locally grown fruits and vegetables. But your LakeCountyEye was pleasantly surprised to learn that gun-rights advocates not only regularly seek out fresh produce, they do so in significant numbers. Virtually every down-state gun lobbyist that talked to your LakeCountyEye wanted to know where to find the best local-grown farmer's market.

Your LakeCountyEye was more than happy to oblige, particularly after being told that gun owners need to practice every day, especially when out of town. And in the words of one lobbyist, "target practice on fruits and vegetables is just classier than target practice on beer bottles and highway signs".

"Gun owners have in their hands implements of deadly force", this garrulous lobbyist told your LakeCountyEye. "So it is essential we maintain our skill levels. That is why I practice every day. A difference of one or two millimeters can be the difference between life and death."

This particular gun owner travelled with an AR-15 Assault Rifle, the weapon of choice among gun industry lobbyists.

Your LakeCountyEye wanted to know which fruits & vegetables they like to shoot, during practice. "Of course, some fruit and vegetables make better targets than others", the lobbyist said. "But we all prefer watermelons."

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