Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Ex-Cubs Factor

Did you know Picasso was a diehard cubist?The last time your LakeCountyEye attended a Chicago Cubs game was back in the day when horse-drawn trolleys had the right-of-way and a trip the ballpark was a good four or five hours. Of course nowadays you'd need a presidential motorcade to make it from Lake County to Wrigley Field in under five hours.

So it should be no surprise that your LakeCountyEye welcomes the news that the Cubs may be moving the franchise to the suburbs. More specifically, the Cubs could very well be playing someday soon in DuPage County, at least according to the Daily Herald:
DuPage County is working quickly to develop a plan to bring the Chicago Cubs to the Western suburbs after being approached by an unnamed intermediary of the Ricketts family, county board Chairman Dan Cronin said. Cronin said Wednesday the county will "have something to propose within 10 days."
DuPage County trying to land Chicago Cubs
Provided one pretends that Cook County does not exist, both Lake and DuPage Counties share a long, common border. Which means a commute to the Friendly Confines is promising to be no worse than a quick run up the Route 53 Extension for a new tattoo.

Chloroformed sources have told your LakeCountyEye that not only has the deal been sealed, but the Cubs are ready to pack up and move as soon as all parties can agree on a name to call the new ballclub. Rumor has it ten names are under consideration:
Ten New Team Names for the Chicago Cubs
After They Move to Suburban DuPage County
  1. Chicago Thugs
  2. DuPage Dupes
  3. Chicago Rickets
  4. Fermilab Isotopes
  5. DuPage Election Commissioners
  6. Bolingbrook Bowlers
  7. The Cronin Cronies
  8. DuPage Reverse-Spin Doctors
  9. Bensenville Sluggers
  10. Lake County Fielders
Look for your LakeCountyEye, failing to beat fun a the old ballpark.

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