Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kabuki Theater

外道ベイビーLake County Clerk Willard Helander's job may become a lot easier. As readers of this blog are dubiously aware ...
A No Confidence Vote
a bill passed this week in Springfield that allows voters to register online -- and, among other things, would create an independent election board in Lake County.  And as the commodiously unread blog Common Sense in Illinois' 10th has reported, the bill passed mostly along party lines:
How Our Lake County Senators Voted on HB2418
How our Illinois House Voted on HB 2418
Whereas every Republican legislator in Lake County voted to kill the bill, an overall majority of Democratic legislators did not. (Some nice scut work compiling those stats, Louis!)

One legislator even told the Daily Herald ...
"This is political," said state Rep. Ed Sullivan, a Mundelein Republican.
Lake County election change sent to Quinn
It goes without saying that politics is show business for ugly people -- and in Lake County that emphasis is on show business. Lake County politicians will swell up and be all righteously indignant over some perceived slight, but of course it's all for the benefit of the paying audience -- or as the case may be, the voters.

So, your LakeCountyEye would not be surprised to learn that a deal of sorts had been struck between Lake County's Democrats and the County Clerk's Office -- who for years are rumored to have maintained close ties.  According to the terms of the deal, the Lake County Clerk gets a much needed respite in day-to-day duties, and in return earns the opportunity to pursue other objectives.  These objectives presumably would include meeting with Republican and other grass-roots organizations to speak on a topic that Helander calls  ...
Why Illinois is a Blue State
Your LakeCountyEye has not heard Helander's outstanding presentation but has been told on the highest authority it is a must-see for anyone wishing to understand why Illinois is a "blue" state & why Lake County should be considered "blue", and what can be done to make them "red" again.

To book Helander for your township or grass-roots meeting, your LakeCountyEye recommends contacting those commodious bloggers at Common Sense in Illinois' 10th, who ...
would highly recommend that Republican organizations seek out Ms. Helander in the near future to listen to her presentation. This would include the Republican Illinois State Central Committee, Lake County Republican Central Committee and the Township Committees.
Grass Roots Republican Wake Up Call

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Not Cowed Yet! said...

I have learned from reliable sources that Willard is in training for the Wisconsin Polling Place Kick-boxing Tourney. She's the one with an American Flag Bandana around her head, a Tennessee Flag tube-top and Confederate Flag boxer shorts, standing at the doorway ready to open a can of whoop-ass on anyone who doesn't meet her very specific voting requirements: White, fat, fifty or older, and carrying a concealed weapon because, dammit, it's their God-given right!