Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shark-Bait and Switch

Bruce the SharkThe ladies of Lake County want one man to represent them in Washington, and that is their ladiesman Peter Roskam. And when the ladies of Lake County don't get the attention they feel they deserve, Peter Roskam knows exactly what to do.

Congressman Peter Roskam recently sent them all a candygram of sorts, in the form of a video press release. In the video, Roskam offers them some guidance on the problem of sexual assault in the military:
We've also set up a process by which victims of sexual assault in the military have access to counsel. That is, legal advisors to help them move through the process; and also to seek and receive permanent transfer out of a hostile environment into a different assignment.
Ask Peter: Protecting Our Soldiers
The message is clear: ladies throughout Lake County should be happy to know that Peter Roskam has not forgotten them at all, particularly those in the military. If you are on active duty and you are a lady, Roskam has your back. He wants to give you access to legal counsel and provide a pathway out of a hostile environment.

In related news, Peter Roskam voted this week in favor of HR-1797 -- a House bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks. For those ladies who need to have an abortion after the 20 week deadline, it is unclear whether or not Roskam wants to provide you with access to legal counsel. And if you happen to find yourself in prison, it is unclear whether or not Roskam wants to provide you with a pathway out of your hostile environment.

Your LakeCountyEye will keep you posted as further events warrant.

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