Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows

The socialized healthcare bandwagon sweeping the nation has finally become a reality, and not a minute too soon. Especially now that your LakeCountyEye has been out of commission with an attack of the vapors precipitated by all the recent hoopla. While recuperating, your LakeCountyEye has been indulging in a favorite free-time activity: analyzing recent weather statistics. Ever since Jane Byrne rode into town on a snowstorm in 1979, your LakeCountyEye has been a keen student of local weather conditions.

LakeCountyEye Ops may recall how unseasonably warm it was last week. That is, until Saturday when the temperature dropped back down to normal for a Lake County Spring, plus the couple inches of snow that dropped along with it. But if you thought summer had arrived early you weren't imagining things. Numbers never lie. Your LakeCountyEye crunched the data with some help from a nonlinear stochastic climate model and arrived at an exhaustive climatological analysis of last week's unusually warm weather:

Average High
Mar 165844+14Wow a warm day.
Mar 176144+17Wow a warm day.
Mar 186245+17Wow a warm day.
Mar 196545+20Wow a warm day.
Mar 203946-7Well, back to normal.

Of course, no scientific experiment is considered valid unless its results are compared against a control group. In this case, the control group would be what other Lake County bloggers are saying about the weather. Unfortunately, Ellen of the 10th seems more concerned about the HuffPo rankings than about the weather. And while spring weather may turn a young man's fancy to thoughts of love, TeamAmerica's valentines are all for Mark Kirk. Out of desperation your LakeCountyEye has enlisted for its control, the nearby McHenry County Blog. Overall, as a control group, McHenry County (not being in Lake County) leaves much to be desired. But at least Cal Skinner says some things about the weather in the blog.

Well, not every day, but once in a while. There is no mention of the warm weather in the McHenry County Blog on March 16. No mention on March 17. No mention on March 18. And no mention on March 19. But hang on, Skinner did notice that March 20 turned chilly with snow:

An Al Gore Spring Equinox
The circled links are to other McHenry County Blog posts that are unabashedly skeptical of global warming.

Is Cal Skinner relying on a climatological model at variance with your LakeCountyEye's? Your LakeCountyEye looks at four unseasonably warm days followed by a snowstorm and sees pretty much normal March weather. While the McHenry County Blog interprets a snowfall on the first day of spring as more evidence that global warming is nothing but a myth. All of which demonstrates the value of pursuing scientific research with rigor and without preconceived notions. This significant difference in opinion between your LakeCountyEye and the McHenry County Blog conclusively demonstrates that there is simply no consensus among experts about the reality of global warming!


Cal Skinner said...

Thanks for reading McHenry County Blog.

Barney Baxter said...

hi Cal,
McHCB -- a terrific blog!