Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mark Kirk Finally Gets 15 Minutes of Fame

It required an assist from Roger Ebert, but Tea Party Republican candidate for US Senate Mark Kirk got his fifteen minutes of fame. The soon to be former 10th District Congressman was featured yesterday on the Wonkette website. For LakecountyEye Ops who are not familiar with the Internet site, Wonkette is a website specializing in political satire. For Ops who are not familiar with political satire, they are frequent readers of the LakeCountyEye website.

Wonkette was mercifully brief:

Roger Ebert, the Internet’s most prolific writer (and also a famous film critic), typed this succinct & damning Twitter reply to Mark Kirk’s brave election-winning plan to bring back insurance bans on Americans with "pre-existing conditions." [Ebert via Daily Kos]
Republicans Will Win America’s Hearts By Taking Their Health Insurance Away
SharpEyed Operatives may notice that the Wonkette piece is not much more than a link to a well-thought-out Daily Kos post. Plus a snarky comment. Your LakeCountyEye roundly disapproves of this all too common sort of lazy & disingenuous blogging.

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