Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Budget Busters

With the State of Illinois $13 Trillion in debt, economists estimate it would take 300 years of indentured servitude per each Illinois taxpayer, before the Budget saw any black ink again. It's perhaps factoids like these, in conjunction with an inconvenient election in November, that has caught the attention of our top-of-the-ticket candidates. Not surprisingly candidates do what candidates do best when confronted with a crisis and no cheap & easy way out. They promise to convene a panel of blue-ribbon experts. Or solicit ideas from the voters.

This seems to be the year of the B-plan, because Gov Pat Quinn has a website for soliciting citizen proposals on fixing the budget. For those LakeCountyEye Ops who think they're so smart, the webpage is at ...
Suggest a Solution
Thankfully not a lot of time or thought was spent building the website because it is easy to navigate. There is a place for your comment. And some categories to choose from ...
  • General
  • Questions
  • Spending Cuts
  • Borrowing
  • Federal Assistance
  • Revenue Enhancements
And the important Submit button. When you're done, there is a page to check your work ...
Public Comments
Uh huh, as soon as your proposal goes into the input page, it is posted on the output page. Sort of like live blogging on Springfield's dime! Many of the real comments posted there are funnier than the fake comments posted below. Which is why your LakeCountyEye has gone to the trouble of compiling the 10 best budget proposals posted on budget.illinois.gov -- so you don't have to!

The Illinois Interactive Budget Website's Ten Best Public Proposals
  1. Outsource the Illinois State government to China.

  2. Replace all I-PASS transponders with video poker.

  3. Every Friday night: all-you-can-eat Asian carp fish fry!

  4. Free CTA taxi rides to Florida for Illinois pension holders.

  5. a) Find out where all the jobs are leaving Illinois.
    b) Install a red light camera there.

  6. Why waste agriculture subsidies on corn ethanol when the big demand is for medical marijuana?

  7. Sue Joe Walsh for something.

  8. Instead of low-yield Treasury Bonds, invest the teacher's retirement fund in high-yield Mega-Millions tickets. The more you play the more chances you have to win!

  9. Scott Lee Cohen will give you a loan or buy anything of value! When you need cash remember Royal Pawn Shop.

  10. Lease naming rights of Route 53 Extension to Pfizer: Viagra Extension

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