Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Haunted House

Once upon a time when the month of March arrived your LakeCountyEye would be girding the loins for an upcoming Illinois primary election. But with the 2010 primary now a distant and forgotten memory, all March means nowadays is the snow is finally melting at the LakeCountyEye compound. And the LakeCountyEye auxiliary vehicles in cinder-block-storage are all visible from the highway again. Could it be that time of the year again already for the extreme spring cleanup?

There is another home in the LakeCountyEye hood that has been the subject of untoward gossip. After being caught red-handed missing some house payments, Joe Walsh, the Tea Party Republican candidate for the Eighth Congressional District issued an angry press release:
I knew getting into this race that the local media would do Melissa Bean’s dirty work for her. And the Daily Herald has now lived down to my expectations.
Statement by Joe Walsh Regarding Personal Financial History
In Response to today’s Daily Herald article
The Herald apparently not amused, responded with an editorial of their own:
If Congressional candidate Joe Walsh was so hard up for money that he couldn't fulfill his obligation on a $300,000 mortgage, why was he able to afford to rent an $860,000 colonial in Winnetka with an in-ground pool?
Joe Walsh and the debt he didn't pay
(Never pick a fight with anyone who buys ink by the barrel.)

The Herald sent a photog over to Walsh's home to investigate ...
They must've unearthed some new skeletons rattling around in there. Your LakeCountyEye thought the house looked eerily familiar ...
Your LakeCountyEye has got to go. The two guys from American Pickers just drove by. Real slow like.

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IllinoisJim said...

I appreciate Mr. Walsh’s response on his website. I am glad to know some of the facts of his career background. I don’t have a handle on the local press. What is behind the effort? But Mr. Walsh needs to know why I feel suspicious of him. Spending out of control? What was Mr. Walsh saying when Republicans were spending and not receiving so as to get government down to where they could drown it in a bathtub? What does Mr. Walsh say about Fixed News’ right wing Big Lies? What about Mr. Rove who utilized techniques developed in the 1930’s to confuse the public on what was really happening? Can Mr. Walsh say on the house floor, “waterboarding is NOT torture…waterboarding is NOT torture…waterboarding…”. What does he say about the bigotry of the Tea Bags? What does he say about the daily faxes that the RNC would deliver to Fox, Limbaugh, Savage so that there was one message coming out of wingnut media? What about the VA? Bush Cheney wanted to destroy the VA by folding it into Social Security, and then destroy Social Security by drowning and draining it. What about public education? Recently, Mrs. Wal-Mart, Sam’s widow, gave $25 million to some wingnut political group to destroy public education. Is Mr. Walsh in association with known right wing spinners? Mr. Kirk would vote with the Democrats when Mr. Hastert did not need his vote, then when needed he would vote with the wingnuts. So, Mr. Kirk gets away and then gets away with his two facades. Does Mr. Walsh have his two facades on his house like in the pictures?