Thursday, March 25, 2010

Simon Says

Last week your LakeCountyEye fearlessly predicted the winner of the Democrat's Lieutenant-Governor-eepstakes ...
Southern Strategy
Since then, 17 semi-finalists have been invited to the final-four playoff tournament to be held in Springfield this Saturday, by the Democratic Central Committee ...
Prospective Democratic Lieutenant Governor Nominees
The nominee list is top-heavy with Chicago-area finalists, and include the names of one or two Lake Countiers. One finalist, Shelia Simon, is from downstate Carbondale. Simon, who teaches law at SUI, is the daughter of former Senator Paul Simon. More importantly Simon sent your LakeCountyEye a campaign video, which is more than any of the other finalists did -- who only bother to call your LakeCountyEye once a year to pick up their birthday checks, the ungrateful freeloaders.

Anyhow, for your enjoyment, the Shelia Simon campaign video, presented without commercial interruption ...

LakeCountyEye Lieutenant Governor Challenge!

Can you count the number of coffee mugs
in the Sheila Simon video?
0 Cups
1 Cup
2 Cups
3 Cups
4 Cups
5 Cups
6 Cups
7 Cups
8 Cups
9 Cups
10 Cups
11 Cups
12 Cups
13 Cups
14 Cups
15 Cups
16 Cups
17 Cups
Hint: you have to watch the entire video.

Send your entry to the Democratic Party of Illinois. The first person to correctly guess the number of coffee mugs in the Shelia Simon video will be awarded first-runner-up in the Lieutenant Governor sweepstakes. If for any reason the reigning Lieutenant Governor is unable to perform his or her duties you will be asked to wear the Lieutenant Governor crown. Hurry, don't delay!

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Lake Watcher said...

A little off topic but how do all the folks on this blog feel about the electioneering on state time gone awry of Sen. Bond's? Writing a resolution for a guy that ran over MEG officers? BAD BAD. I do believe the next thump we hear will be a staffer being thrown under the bus.