Saturday, March 6, 2010

No Contest

With the November election coming up next November, your LakeCountyEye is a firm believer that it is never too early to handicap the candidates. It's probably a tad premature to publish any point spreads this early in the game -- even for those who have distilled the craft down to a science. Of course, the secret to good handicapping is all in the numbers -- knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the field. To this end, your LakeCountyEye is keeping book on every relevant Lake County election contest. In the Eighth Congressional District the contest has firmed up as one between incumbent Melissa Bean and challenger Joe Walsh:

CandidateMelissa BeanJoe Walsh

Campaign Portrait w/Am. Flag

PartyDemocraticTea Party Republican

10th Congressional District
10th Congressional District

Campaign Logo


Takes Marching Orders from ...
Nancy Pelosi

Glenn Beck

BankersIn the Pocket ofIn the Foreclosure of
Daily Herald

Comical Character with Similar Name
Mr Bean

Joe Walsh

T.J. Maxx
$20,000 Suit Filed by ex-Campaign Manager for Unpaid Wages
Daily Herald

Miscellaneous$50,000 Federal Grant for School Bus Safety in GurneeThrown Under the Campaign Bus by NRCC
Daily Herald

Whoa. Bean v Walsh won't even be close -- this one is ready to be called. Except the authorities have prevailed upon your LakeCountyEye to hold off on predictions until after the election. Apparently your LakeCountyEye's Feb 2 pre-election prognostications were good enough that very few primary voters actually bothered to show up at the polls.

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