Thursday, April 30, 2015

Size Matters

Call for a free quote. Would Lake County benefit from a good shrink? Jack Franks thinks so. The State Representative thinks McHenry County would benefit as well.

Franks is the sponsor of a bill that would enable Lake & McHenry County leaders to shrink the size of their fiefdoms by eliminating some specific units of government.

Originally intended for McHenry County, the bill was expanded to encompass Lake County. As told by the Northwest Herald ...
several Lake County politicians, who have expressed interest in pursuing consolidation measures, asked Franks to include Lake County as well, County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor said. "We did it so we could have the same authority as DuPage [County] and see where the opportunities might exist for consolidation," Lawlor said.
Jack Franks trying to remove government consolidation bill sponsor
Not unsurprisingly, no one is saying just exactly what is on the consolidation chopping block, or how close to the scalp the intended haircut will be. All they are saying is that some high-profile Lake County institutions are in the cross-hairs. And by some they mean ten:
10 Conspicuous Lake County Jurisdictions
Targeted for Elimination
Before Consolidation ...After Consolidation ...
1.The Route 53 ExtensionThe Route 53 Distension
2.Village of Green OaksVillage of Green Oak
3.Lake County's Dirty JobsLake County's Minimum Wage Jobs
4.County Clerk Division of ElectionsThe Lake County Election Commission
6.Winchester HouseA GTCR Golder Rauner Nursing Home
7.The Waukegan Court TowerThe Waukegan Court Bungalow
8.Fox Waterway AgencyBlarney Island Waterway Agency
5.Wooster LakeJeeves Lake
10.$20,000,000 Wrongful Conviction Settlements$20 Wrongful Conviction Settlements
Look for your LakeCountyEye maintaining a low profile near you.


Unknown said...

Lawler is interested in nothing other than expanding infrastructure and usurping local funding.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Eliminate townships. Rep Yingling has been beating that drum for five years now. Time to take action and move to eliminate.