Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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a hand up, not a handoutLake County serial Congressman, Robert Dold, has been clinging to the Benjamins. And none of them are named Netanyahu.

Haha, in 2014 Dold received $10,000 -- i.e. 100 Benjamins -- from Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock. Since then, Schock abruptly resigned from Congress (to spend more time with his family) and now Dold has been called to return the money. The CapitolFax says ...
Congressman Dold has refused to jettison the $10,000 he received from now disgraced almost former Congressman Aaron Schock. Dold's spokesperson said that the Schock money had all been spent
Pot, meet kettle
Anyone who has counted their Benjamins lately should know exactly what the Rep Dold PR guy means. Ten grand just doesn't go very far anymore -- certainly not where it used to.

If failing to return your LakeCountyEye's phone calls is any indication, then the Dold campaign team declines to say how exactly they spent the $10,000. Not a problem, anything worth having for $10,000 will be found on anyways. Well, 10 things worth having:
Ten Luxury Items
the Robert Dold Election Campaign May Have Bought
with Aaron Schock's $10,000
  1. A Downton Abbey Do-Over

  2. Lifetime Subscription to Men's Health Magazine

  3. Used Chevy Tahoe
    Low Miles!

  4. Down Payment on a Condo in the 10th Congressional District

  5. One Gubernatorial Appointment to the IL Racing Commission

  6. Facetime with Delos Communications
    [paid advertisement]

  7. A Big Raise for Everyone at Rose Pest Control White Whale Consulting LLC

  8. Charge Up the I-PASS and Ride the Route 53 Extension from End-to-End

  9. Walkin' Around Money

  10. A Coveted LakeCountyEye Endorsement
Look for your LakeCountyEye counting the Georges near you.

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