Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Second Opinions from Grant Township

The only thing I like about my property tax is appealing my assessment and winning. For that reason, I am grateful that I do not live in Grant Township.

A property tax appeal is mostly a matter of finding homes comparable to yours which are taxed less. These COMPS may be accepted or rejected by your Assessor on a number of grounds. For example, are all of the homes equivalent lakefront properties? Whether or not there are no-wake restrictions on your lake can make a difference in value.

Bearing that in mind, I thank heavens I don't live on Wooster Lake, where you can't win a tax appeal no matter what.

We've obtained a copy of a letter from the Grant Township Assessor's Office, where it is stated that they evaluate Wooster Lake as subject to no-wake restrictions:

Q: The reason(s) your Office officially indicates Wooster Lake's private properties currently have restrictions.

A: Certain homeowner association covenants and the fact that it has been historically no wake. I believe it goes back to when Wooster Lake Park was in full operation many years ago.
We've obtained another letter from the Grant Township Assessor's Office, which denies a homeowner's property tax appeal. The comps cited in this appeal are rejected, in part, because the homeowner lives on Wooster Lake, which according to the Grant Township Assessor's Office is NOT subject to no-wake restrictions:

#8 There are no restrictions on Wooster Lake.
Forgive me if I'm scratching my head here. But I don't have property in Grant Township, for which I am grateful.


Anonymous said...

Grant Township tax assessor is very kind to the residents of one community - Tanneron Bay - which happens to be on the restricted Wooster Lake. From 2005 to current the 86 residents there have a TREND of no tax increases to actually slightly lower taxes for some residents - if you compare to the rest of Wooster Lake - it appears that Tanneron Bay has passed their tax increases to their neighbors - where the trend is a significant increase in property taxes for same period. This is public data and can be found at the assessors office - I wonder why Tanneron Bay is treated differently for tax purposes?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I mentioned restricted Wooster Lake - it is actually not restricted - except for at the recorders office where an unsigned restriction document was posted (don't know how) against all properties on Wooster Lake - also there are postings that the Lake is not restricted - don't know how a real estate agent can legally declare a property with contradictory recordings at the Recorders office.

Anonymous said...

Seems like every government entity in Lake Co has it out for Wooster Lake! No wonder properties are plummeting in price in that area. COMP's should be much lower than the assessors office is claiming and should be easy to win a tax appeal - however I think some properties are highly assessed to keep other owners taxes low.

Anonymous said...

The Assessor's Office is caught drafting and submitting falsified information at tax hearings to rip off tax payers. Why isn't the Lake County States Attorney pressing charges and having these individuals removed from the offices they hold?

This is blatant fraud from local government officials.