Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Old Turnaround

Good news everybody, your LakeCountyEye has a new job with the Bruce Rauner Administration. As Springfield's newest Turnaround Specialist I, your LakeCountyEye has been tasked with selling the benefits of the Bruce Rauner Turnaround Agenda® to a skeptical Lake County ...

Turnaround Specialist I
So what is the Bruce Rauner Turnaround Agenda®?

Excellent question! The Bruce Rauner Turnaround Agenda® submits that Illinois needs to be operated according to the principles and best practices of of any Fortune 500 Company ...
Illinois needs to become more competitive in order to increase jobs and grow the economy:
  • We have one of the worst lawsuit climates in the country, ranking 46th out of 50;
We need to make Illinois a growth state again. That means structural reforms to major cost drivers for businesses:
  • Reforms to our judicial climate to rein in frivolous lawsuits;
Turnaround Agenda
Your Takeaway: Tort Reform, what could be simpler?

Any questions? Good!

So what is NOT the Bruce Rauner Turnaround Agenda®?

Another excellent question!

Illinois's Turnaround Agenda is not to be confused with this TurnAround Agenda ...

In July 1985, Dr. Tony Evans, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship (OCBF) in Dallas, Texas, established Alternative Community Development Services, Inc. d.b.a. Project Turn•Around (PTA) as the social outreach of OCBF. In February 2010, Project Turn•Around was renamed "The Turn•Around Agenda (TTA)". Since its inception, The Turn•Around Agenda has served as an agent for change, developing an array of program initiatives to address the critical needs of urban youth and families in the greater Dallas community.
TurnAround Agenda
... which is a Dallas, Texas charity, that was established in 1985.

Lake County is enjoined to pay no attention to this Dallas-based charitable organization, which stole the name of the Bruce Rauner Turnaround Agenda®.

Furthermore, since Illinois has outlawed frivolous lawsuits of any sort, the Bruce Rauner Turnaround Agenda® may not not be held liable for trademark infringement of any sort.

Any questions? Good!

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