Friday, April 3, 2015

Zero Commissions

Will anybody in Lake County who has not been appointed to an Illinois Commission please step forward? Not so fast, there, Falbe!

Note to Bruce Rauner: if you plan to backfill your IL State Commissions with any more Lake County Republicans, the pickins are getting slim. Gov. Rauner's latest pick is Larry Falbe, for a seat on the Enterprise Zone Board. Falbe, as every reader of this blog knows, is the creator of Lake County's #1, bar none, political blog:
team america's 10th district blog
The Daily Herald recently caught up with Falbe, and confided that ...
He also is president of the Lake County Republican Federation, the party's fundraising arm but says he does not consider himself a politician.
Mettawa attorney specialzing in environmental issues named to state enterprise zone panel
Haha, too funny.

The question that remains unanswered is: How many? As in: how many dollars has Falbe contributed to political campaigns? Your LakeCountyEye looked it up and estimates about $17,000 (47 individual donations over 15 years) ...
Illinois State Board of Elections : Contributions List
None of these donations went to Bruce Rauner's 2014 election campaign.

Your LakeCountyEye also observes that, other than for expenses, Enterprise Zone Board Members are not compensated:
Enterprise Zone Board
Note to Ops: correlation is not always causation.

Just sayin!

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