Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Sticker Shocker

Voting is not a crime. Voting is a right. Did you forget to vote? You're not alone, your LakeCountyEye forgot too.

Haha, j/k. Your LakeCountyEye always makes time to vote, even when there is no one on the ballot or there isn't even an election. Your LakeCountyEye votes to earn one of those colorful I VOTED stickers. And then fixes the sticker to the blueblazer like a merry boutonnière. And like a banty rooster struts it around town. And reminds everyone that their LakeCountyEye voted. And they didn't.

Haha, j/k once again. Everyone knows that the Lake County Clerk doesn't hand over those I VOTED stickers any more. The Daily Herald says so ...
While voters in most suburban counties will receive a sticker in exchange for their completed ballot Tuesday, Lake County voters haven't had the option to receive the coveted "I Voted" sticker in years.
Why Lake County voters don't receive 'I voted' stickers
What happened, were the popular stickers all given to Wisconsin voters by mistake? No, the stick-ons apparently were showing up on cars and in voting booths and all sundry places except where any elementary-schooler will say every sticker belongs: on the forehead. As a consequence, the Lake County Clerk dropped the ax -- and the beloved I VOTED sticker has now joined the choir invisible.

Note to Ops: mourn not their passage. For the Lake County I VOTED sticker still exists. No, not in spirit nor even in your hearts, but everywhere -- anywhere in Lake County where one of them might still be stuck. Well, there are 10 such spots, at least ...
Ten Places to Look for
an I VOTED Sticker in Lake County
  1. Princess Nudelman's Fishbowl

  2. Lens of a Grand Ave Red Light Camera

  3. Lake County Election Commission Chapter 11 Sale

  4. In the Lake County Casino, on the $1000 Chips

  5. Moving Targets at the McHenry County Shooting Range

  6. Two Words: Awesome Tattoo

  7. eBay

  8. Medical Marijuana Baggie Seals

  9. Under Waukegan Harbor

  10. Gumming Up the Toll Baskets on the Route 53 Extension
Look for your LakeCountyEye sporting (what else?) a merry boutonnière.

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