Saturday, April 4, 2015

Q the Eye/04.04.15

Dear LakeCountyEye,

Being a good GOP footsoldier who carried water for the elephant all his life, it was time to ask Where's Mine? So the Governor appoints me to a State Commission. It's called the Illinois Advisory Commission Review Panel Task Force. Or something like that. And that's OK -- until I find out I'm not paid anything except expenses.

Expenses? I did not think indentured servitude was still legal. Do I have to attend these meetings or should I resign now?

No Representation Without Compensation
Dear Non Compos,Ὥρος Hōros

The bad news is that while some IL Commission members are paid quite well, most only get expenses. The Governor's office told your LakeCountyEye that unpaid Commission seats are harder to fill than a Kanye West concert in McHenry County.

The good news is you get reimbursed for your expenses. So just follow the lead of those unpaid public officials who have raised the art of padding an expense account to a science: the Community College Trustee.

One nearby Community College is an industry leader when it comes to remuneratory overreach. Your LakeCountyEye refers not to the College of DuPage -- who are pikers when compared to some of the creative expense reporting that has come out of the College of Lake County.

Just for instance ...
As should be abundantly clear, life hasn't given you lemons. Life has given you limos. You just have to know how to expense them.

Take that golden expense account and party on like it's still 1999.

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