Sunday, December 16, 2012

Common Sense in Illinois' 10th

TeamAmerica10th has a new spin-off blog called CommonSense10th:
The 10th district may have its own unique standards of common sense, and readers who wish to be filled-in can review the stories on CommonSense10th. Here is a screen-cap of Friday's post at CommonSense10th:

Yes Virginia, There Is a Constitution!


Bystander said...

Right ... no comment needed.

Anonymous said...

Oh that bog from is extremely restrictive as well as censored. Unlike this blog, McHenry County and the TA blog, even if you disagree with the point of view, your comment is still posted.

Team America said...

Hi Anon 5:58 - we've never deleted anyone at Team America simply for posting an opposing view. In fact, we welcome such comments; otherwise you end up with an echo chamber like Ellen of the Tenth. Come by and try us.

Ciao, TA

Anonymous said...

TA..Anon 5:58 hère. I guess my lack of coffee made the post a bit rambling. TA, McHenry and Eye always allow comments even from those with different opinions. Louis' Common Sense does not. That blog is censored.

louisgatsaves said...

Barney, thanks for the plug.

As you've noticed, my blog is partisan. I don't pretend to be nonpartisan.

"Extremely restrictive as well as censored?" 183 comments to various postings received in the past 5 months, of which 171 were posted, leaving roughly 5% as being "censored." The ones "censored" usually contained drive by personal insults or personal attacks. Opposing views have always been welcomed.

I use the Rich Miller/Capitol Fax guidelines for comments.

Perhaps your complaining anonymous pal needs a little potty mouth training?

Barney Baxter said...

hi Louis--

We report. You decide.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Louis, your arm must be double jointed to give yourself such a rousing slap on the back. Your blog is hilarious. I love how the internet gives voice to such over-blown, egocentric bloviation.

At least TA has a backbone. You are more the crunchy exoskeletal, gooey innards sort of creature.