Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stolman Kisses
Goodbye Sinecure

After enduring the likes of Bob Grever, Jim LaBelle, Suzi Schmidt, David Stolman, it's about time the Lake County Board picked a chairman who is easy on the eyes:
Can You Spot the Ringer?
Whose Photo Does Not Belong in this Lineup?

James LaBelle

Suzi Schmidt

David Stolman

Aaron Lawlor
Haha, as readers of this blog are prematurely aware ...
Stolman Exit
the good-looking Aaron Lawlor spanked an incumbent David Stolman in a mano-a-mano winner-take-all duel-to-the-death as to who would preside over the Lake County Board. Lawlor, who is barely 30 years old, is now the youngest Lake County Board Chair ever. However putting that in perspective, 30 is 210 in dog-years. And at 210 years, Lawlor would rank among of some the eldermost of his fellow County Commissioners.

The Republican Lawlor could not have pulled it off without support from enough Democratic Board Commissioners to ensure a victory over the other Republican, Stolman. One misinformed source informed your LakeCountyEye that not since Cardinal Richelieu installed the Dauphin Louis XIII to the Bourbon throne has an evil cabal that brazenly maneuvered someone that inexperienced that abruptly into high office.

As things turned out, Lawlor was elected with a unanimous vote. Stolman, persuaded by necessity, rolled over in the end and withdrew -- the Republican Board Commissioners did not want to wake up the next day to headlines the likes of ...
Haha Democrats Maneuver Lawlor into Chairmanship
"Cardinal Richelieu would have been proud"
Lawlor's victory speech touched on many topics but he mentioned only one policy issue:
We will pursue the extension of Route 53 vigorously, utilizing all of our leaders and build on the foundation that has been laid over the last several years.
His victory is regarded as a win for Route 53 proponents. It is also a win for your LakeCountyEye, who looks forward to at least 2 more years of Synthetic Hair Extension Route 53 Extension jokes.

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