Thursday, December 13, 2012

Son of Yet Still Even More Curran Events

ripple markIf readers of this blog have been erstwhile aware of anything ...
Curran Events
More Curran Events
Even More Curran Events
Still Even More Curran Events
Yet Still Even More Curran Events
... it is that after 2014 Mark Curran will be the Lake County Sheriff no more. If everything goes to plan for Curran, by this time two years from now he will be the Illinois Attorney General-elect. According to the News-Sun, Curran ...
is seriously considering a run for Illinois Attorney General in 2014, he confirmed Wednesday. The Libertyville Republican has been meeting with citizens around the state and says he intends to run in the GOP primary in about 15 months.
Curran mulls run for Ill. attorney general
The big unanswered question burning in everybody's mind is howcome the lamestream media is reporting this just now -- when your LakeCountyEye broke the story, back in the day, like around Thanksgiving 2012? News may travel slowly out of Lake County. But how slow should it travel when the Lake County news has to go no farther than Lake County?

When it comes to unanswerable questions, your LakeCountyEye has been told by the usual pseudo-sources to look toward the heavens. It is no secret that Mark Curran, unlike most ordinary people, takes his guidance from Divine authority -- particularly when making political decisions. The Daily Herald reports that ...
Curran says his faith influences his position on various issues. "I spend time daily in prayer and in Mass and seek spiritual counsel, and I feel that I'm prompted with clarity that I need to embrace."
Lake County Sheriff Curran planning attorney general run
So to reconstruct a timeline, Curran never had any intention to run for Attorney General -- that is, until sometime this week. Earlier this week someone must have called his attention to the rumors being spread by this blog. Whereupon Curran became convinced that he was missing a golden opportunity if he did not pull up political stakes and announce a run for Attorney General in 2014.

For the record, it is also no secret that God is an RSS subscriber to this blog.

It could happen.

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