Monday, December 3, 2012

Stolman Exit

Lake County Board Chairman David Stolman may easily have mistaken the young man measuring the drapes in his office for the interior decorator. It was, however, fellow County Commissioner, Aaron Lawlor. Haha, Stolman's abbreviated tenure as Lake County Board Chairman abruptly ended, as Lawlor orchestrated a coup d'├ętat Napoleonic in ambition and speed. As things stand today, look for Aaron Lawlor's nameplate on the Lake County Board Chairman's desk. While David Stolman's nameplate is now to be found under the dustbin of history.

As it is with any palace coup, the first order of business is to eliminate every trace of the vanquished predecessor, and the precocious Lawlor did not disappoint. Stolman's picture and salutation have already been scrubbed from the Lake County Chairman's webpage, and replaced with Lawlor's:

Message from County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor
So who is Aaron Lawlor? Ladies take note: He is young, good looking and unmarried. His photo on the County website does not do Lawlor justice.

Here, courtesy the Daily Herald, is Lawlor sharing the sweet moment of victory with his handpicked Vice Chair, Carol Calabresa:

Route 53 extension a top priority for new Lake County Board chairman
Lawlor is the one in the photo with the frosted blond tips.

Sixth District Congressman, and Ladies Man, Peter Roskam was unavailable for comment.


Anonymous said...

Is the Lake County GOP ramping up Lawlor for the 10th District GOP nominee in 2014?

Barney Baxter said...

hi Anon,

Quite possibly. That seat used to belong to Lawlor's old boss.