Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snake Attack by the Creepy Tribune Cartoonist

Biologists warn that an invasive species, once introduced to a new habitat, will prey upon and even eliminate the established, native species from an ecosystem. A cautionary tale to anyone who wants to serve on the Lake County Board? Haha, nope -- there will be no tortured Aaron Lawlor metaphors today. Your LakeCountyEye is specifically referring the 15-foot Burmese python that, according to the News-Sun, was captured in Waukegan:
Burmese python captured at Waukegan lakefront
And no, this particular Burmese python was not mailed a voter registration application from the Lake County Clerk's office. The animal -- affectionately named McSqueezy the Python -- has caught the attention of the Chicago Tribune's Creepy Cartoonist.

The Creepy Tribune Cartoonist has launched a contest to give a name to McSqueezy the Python. It does remain unclear why the Trib is sponsoring a contest to find a name for, erm, McSqueezy. For that matter, it is unclear why the Trib is sponsoring a contest to find a name for a beloved Waukegan python that was captured and euthanized some three months ago, back in September. This all may be an indicator of how slowly news travels out of Lake County -- and down into the concrete jungle.

In any event -- and for anyone who thinks they can win the contest -- here is a screen-cap of the Trib's entry form:

Squeezy Replacement
Spoiler alert! You nevertheless would be wasting your time because your LakeCountyEye has already mailed in the winning entry:

Anyone caught stealing your LakeCountyEye's contest idea will be banned for life. Your LakeCountyEye means it this time.

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