Monday, December 10, 2012

A Farewell Waltz?

Old teabags can be composted.If the scrapheap of history did not exist it would be necessary for Joe Walsh to invent it. Why? Because that's where Walsh has last been seen -- on the scrapheap of history. For those operatives wishing to canvass the scrapheap of history, it can be visited at the American Legion Hall in Wauconda, the site of Walsh's final townhall meeting.

The Eighth District Congressman, and scrappy rooster, Joe Walsh held his last townhall ever this weekend ... or so he says. Your LakeCountyEye suspects different. There are lots of high quality electoral pickup opportunities sitting, like the elephant in the room, on the horizon -- including Governor, Senator and 10th District Congressman. Your LakeCountyEye has learned that ambitious Lake County politicians like Mark Curran and Aaron Lawlor are already eyeing these offices; with Walsh on board they would be three amigos.

Someone running for high office in 2014 could do worse than heed your LakeCountyEye's advice: quit your day-job and start running today. This, at least, seems to be what Walsh is signaling the Daily Herald ...
Not only did Walsh lambaste President Barack Obama and Democrats, he said his fellow Republicans in Congress don't "have the courage" needed to stand up for conservative principles. He said he wouldn't let his Republican label stop him from speaking his mind. "You are looking at an odd duck," Walsh said. And, for the four weeks until the new Congress is sworn in, a very feisty lame duck.
Crowd cheers as Walsh hints at continuing political career
Note to ops: the Herald made a joke. Haha, too funny.

In related news, the Lake County Clerk's office mailed voter registration applications to Odd Duck Walsh & Lame Duck Walsh.

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