Monday, March 19, 2012

Primary Indicators

The crucially big 2012 Illinois Primary election is tomorrow, so every year at this time your LakeCountyEye predicts the results in advance. This year being no different, here come your LakeCountyEye's predictions:

U.S. President
  • Barack Obama
  • Mitt Romney
  • Ron Paul
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Rick Santorum
Barack Obama

Rep in Congress 10th
  • Vivek Bavda
  • Brad Schneider
  • Ilya Sheyman
  • John Tree
  • Robert Dold
Too close to call!

Rep in Congress 14th
  • Dennis Anderson
  • Jonathan Farnick
  • Randy Hultgren
Too close to call!

Committeeman Precinct 203
  • Louis G. Atsaves
Louis G. Atsaves

There are other candidates on the ballot. But quite frankly your LakeCountyEye doesn't care about any of them and doubts if anyone else knows anything about any of them either. And in any event, your LakeCountyEye wouldn't even try to pretend to guess who is going to win somewhere like in the Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court. Uh huh, as if.

Given a sufficient margin of error, all LakeCountyEye predictions are 100% accurate within the margin of error. No warranties expressed or implied. Predictions are posted on this blog so you don't have to put in long hours tomorrow, waiting for late returns. For that matter, you don't even have to vote tomorrow.


Team America said...

Wow, BB, that's really going out on a limb. At least you are sure about Obama and Atsaves.

My predictions for IL-10:

Sheyman: 36%
Schneider: 34%
Tree: 21%
Bavda: 8%
Other: 1%

C'mon, live a little. Give us some actual numbers. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! And I didn't even get any yard signs! Thanks BB!

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

TA, I think the 1 and 2nd will flip. But a dream would be #3 to #1

Barney Baxter said...

hi TA,

If you insist ...

Ohio St
North Carolina


Barney Baxter said...

hi Louis,

Good call -- yardsigns can't vote.