Thursday, March 29, 2012

You Like Donald Regan
I Like Ronald Reagan

If Illinois's newly drawn Congressional Districts were the Normandy Invasion of 1944, then the 6th Congressional District establishes a beachhead in Cuba & Ela Townships for the eventual overthrow of Lake County. Haha, even though the Congressional remap does not go into effect before 2013, Peter Roskam, the Sixth District Rep from Wheaton, is already sending fundraising mail to these Lake County addresses. Your LakeCountyEye has seen a copy, and reproduces some of it:

In his letter, Roskam declares himself ...

a Ronald Regan conservative through and through
Which is a pretty gutsy claim, in your LakeCountyEye's opinion, given that no one is exactly sure who Ronald Regan is.

Many Republican candidates make sure their public statements include a noun a verb and Ronald Reagan. So some operatives are of the opinion that Roskam is actually referring to the 40th President of the United States. But others think the reference may be to Donald Regan.

The lesser known Donald Regan was Ronald Reagan's Secretary of the Treasury and later on, chief of staff. And a case could be made that of the two, Regan was the truer conservative. Ronald Reagan -- who's name sounds like Ray-Gun -- was a Hollywood Movie Star married to an actress who believed in astrology. While Donald Regan -- whose name sounds like Pea-Gun -- was a Wall Street insider, chairman & CEO of Merrill Lynch, and a one-percenter back when that one-percent was worth something.

It probably will never be known which of the two Peter Roskan thinks is the real conservative. But if the difference is between an actor who plays one on TV and a Wall Street Master of the Universe, the answer would seem obvious.

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