Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Energized Electorate

Electricity too cheap to meter!With the big election next Tuesday, Lake County voters are chomping at the bit to get to the polls and cast that deciding ballot on the one question that really matters to anyone, the electricity referendum. According to the Sun-Times ...
Thirty-one Lake County communities -- including Lake Forest and Lake Bluff -- will vote on electric aggregation referendums March 20 that for the first time will give residents and small business owners the right to shop for electricity in a free market, just as you do for groceries. "It's all about saving money on your electric bill," according to Grayslake Mayor Rhett Taylor whose village has already successfully implemented an electric aggregation program that is very popular cost-saver with local residents.
Voters to decide power suppliers
It goes without saying that any ballot referendum that promises something for nothing is going to draw voters to the polls like bugs to the zapper. Smart operativess will tailor their GOTV efforts accordingly. But smarter ops will recognize a big-buck opportunity waiting to be plucked, and its name is electricity. With all those voters primed to sign up for free electrical service, the climate is ripe for the fastbuck artist who can throw together a PDQ business plan for generating electricity. Here are 10 tips for creating that flybynight power company in anticipation of the goldrush:

Ten Sure-Fire Schemes to
Sell Electricity in Lake County
  1. Hook up that exercise bicycle to a generator.
  2. No exercise bike? Then invest in 500 hamsters & wheels from PetSmart.
  3. Tornado season means big bucks out of that backyard wind turbine.
  4. Connect your car battery to the grid. Call AAA for a jumpstart every day.
  5. Comb + Hair = Static Electricity
  6. 2 words: Potato Batteries
  7. That 3-prong socket on your neighbor's garage is a source of cheap renewable energy.
  8. The radio waves from your iPhone can be converted to AC.
  9. 1 word: Nuclear
  10. Run a 220 line into Wooster Lake. Stock Wooster Lake with electric eels.

Look for your LakeCountyEye, singing the body electoral.

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