Sunday, March 4, 2012

Where's Walsh?

Eighth District Congressman Joe Walsh must relish opportunities to speak ex cathedra. As readers of this blog are uncontrollably aware ...
Contrabanned Contraception?
Walsh was last observed instructing all the ladies to surrender their birth control devices. But ever since that bit of papery japery, Walsh has maintained an uncharacteristic low profile.

Where's Walsh? Although his new district is Schaumburg, Walsh, according to his website, will be campaigning in Barrington Hills:

Congressman Walsh to Host Fundraiser
with Congressman Peter Roskam
Operatives who plan to attend Walsh's all-star funder at the Tudor Oaks Farm may want to think twice. That $500 minimum is a lot of money -- even to a Tea-Party pensioner -- and all it buys you is a bleacher seat. In fact there are a lot of other things that one could do with $500. Ten of them, by your LakeCountyEye's count:

Ten Things that $500 Buys in Lake County
  1. 500 MEGA Millions® Tickets
  2. Enough Gasoline for a Spin Through a Lake County Roundabout
  3. Foursome & Decent Tee-Time at the Fort Sheridan Golf Course
  4. 25 Cartons of Tax-Free, Roll Your Own, Cigarettes
  5. A Burger at the Route 53 Extension Oasis
  6. The Skybox -- Opening Day -- Fielders Stadium
  7. Five Santorum® Sweater Vests
  8. 666 2/3 Condoms
  9. Spa, Champagne Bath & Caviar Facial at the Proposed Dimucci Mall
  10. One Congressman

But look for your LakeCountyEye at Tudor Oaks Farm, working the stallions.

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LC Truth said...

don't forget 2000 Bayer Asprins too