Friday, March 23, 2012

An Obama Obumpa?

High five!Those pundits who say the varnish is off the Obama brand were proved wrong Tuesday night. At least in Illinois. The big election results are in from the big primary election and it wasn't even close. The opposition threw up not one, not two, not three, but four big candidates against President Obama. And not only did Obama get a plurality he got a majority. And not just any majority but a major majority:

  • Barack Obama 99%
  • Mitt Romney 47%
  • Rick Santorum 35%
  • Ron Paul 9%
  • Newt Gingrich 8%

That 52 point difference between Obama and Romney is not merely stupefying -- it is huge. To put it in perspective, in dog years a 52 point win is a 364 point win. No mean feat in your LakeCountyEye's opinion!

Despite the good night for the President, the Primary will probably be better remembered for its turnout. The 2012 Illinois Primary turnout was as puny in numbers as Obama's win was huge in numbers, if not more so. The primary turnout was so low that most polls have been kept open, 96 hours later -- and to no appreciable difference in election results. If you haven't voted yet, it's still not too late to sneak your ballot in.

Nonetheless the Obama bump remains real, seismic and epicentered in the 10th Congressional District, where readers of this blog are hotly aware ...
A Third Party Endorsement
One unnamed candidate easily won in a crowded field, solely on the basis of a district-wide mailer that showed a grainy B/W photo of Obama.

Note to operatives: the November election will be here sooner than you think. It's never too soon to start working on your very own Obama mailer. One photo of your candidate standing next to a cardboard cutout of Barack Obama is worth at least 10 sweatervests, in your LakeCountyEye's estimation -- and may well be the difference between the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Special note to Romney ops: Obama stole Obamacare from your candidate. Turnabout is fair play. If you plan on delivering Illinois to Mr Romney on November 6 then you better to start cranking out your own Obama mailers tout suite!

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