Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Third Party Endorsement

Why is this man smiling?It ordinarily takes a lot to interrupt your LakeCountyEye's dogmatic slumbers -- especially with daylight savings time kicking in at 2AM tonight. So naturally your LakeCountyEye ignored some irrelevant political noise recently produced by the Rockefeller Republicans over at TeamAmerica10th:
If you are a Democrat, an Obama endorsement is often seen as the Golden Ticket to a win, and people go to sometimes desperate lengths to get it... or at least appear like they have gotten it. IL-10 hopeful Brad Schneider may well have crossed the line, however, in sending out a mailer that prominently displays the picture of the President in the company of other endorsers, such as former Congresswoman Melissa Bean, the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald. Schneider got called out on this by front-running opponent Ilya Sheyman (who recently won a huge victory (73%) in the 10th Dems straw poll this past weekend), and the story has attracted the attention of Huffington Post and Politico.
IL-10: Brad Schneider Taking Heat for Too-Close-For-Comfort Suggestion of Obama Endorsement
It goes without saying that if HuffPo has covered something in Lake County, can the Daily Herald be far behind?
The piece doesn't sit well with fellow Democratic candidates John Tree, Ilya Sheyman and Vivek Bavda. Tree called Schneider's use of Obama's image on the flier "deplorable." "This blatant attempt by Brad to inflate his own campaign with misleading and patently false associations should be called out for the shameful act that it was," Tree said in an email.
10th District Democrat criticized for using Obama image on flier
Now, your LakeCountyEye may be just a simple country blogger, but even your LakeCountyEye knows that these political mailers that choke-spam the US mailboxes during elections do little more than annoy voters and get directly consigned to their dustbins.

So, if your LakeCountyEye was advising Brad Schneider, Schneider's ops are advised to send some nice thankyou notes to TeamAmerica10th and Huffington Post and Politico and the Daily Herald for all the free earned media. And send some nice contribution checks to Ilya Sheyman and John Tree and Vivek Bavda for their help in reaping all of that earned media from some crappy campaign mailer they doubtless spent too much money on.

It also never hurts to send a nice contribution check to your LakeCountyEye.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe that was the intent after all. 9 more days to go and we will know who it will be. My bet is Schneider get the nod.