Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Walsh St Crash of 2012?

Joe Walsh, the Lake County elected representative everyone loves to hate, now parks his campaign bus in Schaumburg, the epicenter of the new Eighth Congressional District. Operatives for the Walsh campaign need not fret over having their tires stolen, however, because the wheels may already have fallen off the campaign bus.

As readers of this blog are tiredly aware ...
Q the Eye/10.12.11
Walsh is being sued by his ex-wife, and your LakeCountyEye is on the record advising Walsh to settle up, and ASAP. Now the Chicago Tribune reports that Walsh has heeded that advice ...
Walsh, ex-wife still 'working toward a settlement'
Anyhow, one sure sign that a campaign is in trouble is when the candidate starts heeding your LakeCountyEye's advice.

Politico now reports that Walsh, the ...
potentially most vulnerable House Republican in the country -- raises just $38,300 during the first two months of the year, pre-primary Federal Election Commission reports show. A Democratic sources notes that number is barely enough to cover the $24,015 he still owes in legal fees.
Joe Walsh's cash drying up
Walsh, the Tea-Party candidate's Tea-Party candidate, may not be getting the support this time around from his Tea-Party rank-and-file. As readers of this blog are flatly aware ...
Where's Walsh?
Walsh appealed instead on March 13 to his wealthy backers in Barrington Hills. And he hosted another $500 minimum funder the next day at the Union League Club:

Congressman Walsh to Host Fundraising Reception
If this Union League invitation looks familiar to you, that may be because it passingly resembles that Barrington Hills invitation you got in the mail:
Any campaign that prints its invitations from reused PDFs may have a cash-flow problem. Just sayin!


Anonymous said...

Goes to show you do not have to be poor to be rich.

District116 said...

No more horse trailers for Walsh! Now he has a motor home to tour District 8 in.