Friday, March 9, 2012

Congression Analysis

If the Electoral College was the Kemper Open then the state of Illinois must've chipped the ball into the water -- because Illinois is being penalized one Congressional District. Haha, 2012 will be the year that the amount of Illinois congressional districts is whittled down to 18. On the plus side, because of a not-well understood clause in the Constitution, Lake County is being awarded that Congressional District. An increase from 2 to 3 will give Lake County more congressional districts than 12 other states, plus the District of Columbia:
US Congressional Districts
Haha, Rhode Island, in your face.

As a consequence of the deal, Illinois's Congressman who everyone loves to hate -- Joe Walsh -- is being sent down to Schaumburg from Lake County and will be replaced by two minor league players. Despite repeated efforts by your LakeCountyEye, the names of the three congressmen who represent Lake County are not known.

Operatives can find out who their congressmen are by asking for a Republican ballot on the March 20 Illinois Primary Election and looking for the name of the Republican Congressional candidate. The title bout that day will be the hotly anticipated steel cage deathmatch between Willard "Mitt" Romney and Willard "Rick" Santorum. Although it is very likely that most LakeCountyEye operatives will be casting a ballot for Ron Paul, who favors legalizing marijuana.

Despite the fact there is a full roster of Democratic candidates, no Democrats are expected to vote in the Illinois Primary. The few Democrats that do, by accident, find themselves at the polls on March 20 are projected to cast their ballots for Ron Paul. Who favors legalizing marijuana. All of which means this represents a pick-up opportunity to those operatives working for a Democratic candidate. Because of the anticipated record-low Democratic turnout, ops who get enough of their "cousins" and other relatives to the polls on election day are in a position to turn their dark-horse loser of a candidate into an election-day headline. It's happened before, it can happen again.

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