Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Toad in the Road

If you've observed a low-speed-vehicle driving erratically up & down the county roads, that would be your LakeCountyEye texting-in this blog post. Operatives wondering why your LakeCountyEye is texting-while-driving may want to consult this Daily Herald story:
A real-time travel information system that pings signals off motorists' cellphones and other wireless devices to gauge traffic flow could be tested in Lake County. The BlueTOAD system, which stands for Bluetooth Travel-time Origination And Destination, selects Bluetooth devices in passing cars and calculates travel times and road speeds by re-detecting the same devices as they move. The Lake County Board is considering testing the system on Washington Street between Route 83 and Sheridan Road.
Lake County could use phones, music players to monitor traffic
A system as ridiculously complex as described no doubt needs beta testers, which is why your LakeCountyEye is currently careening down Washington St, pinging signals off other motorists' cellphones.

In between pings, your LakeCountyEye has been texting field-notes. All ten should be forwarded, posthaste, to the Lake County Board:

Ten Questions to Ask the Lake County Division of Transportation
  1. How accurate is BlueTOAD when no one is on their cell-phone?

  2. How accurate is BlueTOAD when everyone is on their cell-phone and traffic is gridlocked from all the accidents?

  3. Do BlueTOAD signals jam the red light cameras?

  4. Is BlueTOAD equipped to handle a plague of blue toads?

  5. If BlueTOAD eliminates traffic congestion, does that mean the Route 53 extension is being mothballed?

  6. When BlueTOAD says "Turn Right in 100 Meters" -- how far is a meter?

  7. What's wrong with this picture?
    Exhibit A
    "Local businesses are the backbone of our economy," County Board Chairman David Stolman said in the release. "By buying local, we can keep money circulating in our community. This boosts the local economy, and can help businesses grow, which can lead to more jobs."
    Lake County taking steps to 'Buy Local'

    Exhibit B
    The BlueTOAD system, manufactured by Madison, Wis.-based TrafficCast can distinguish wireless-enabled cellular phones, music players and similar devices from each other
    Lake County could use phones, music players to monitor traffic
  8. Can BlueTOAD locate the nearest Triple Baconator Value Meal?

  9. Can BlueTOAD replenish an I-PASS transponder?

  10. Will BlueTOAD be available to sharecrop 160 acres of Farm Town?

Look for your LakeCountyEye in traffic court. It's looking like BlueTOAD signals do not jam the radar guns.

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