Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Thrilla in Lake Villa

August is traditionally the slow-news month -- and traditionally the slow-political-news month, times two. Lake County is no exception to the rule, your LakeCountyEye has been scouring the media all day for something to blog about, and with little to show for it. As readers of this blog are sluggishly aware:
A Gift Horse
Tuesday nights are reserved by your LakeCountyEye for listening to the County Sheriff's Police scanner. The scanner is the source of more than 90% of your LakeCountyEye's stories. However, last Tuesday your LakeCountyEye fell asleep early and has nothing newsworthy to report.

Your LakeCountyEye can report a strange dream, while asleep by the scanner, about your LakeCountyEye's all-time favorite TV show, the battling Bickersons. Your LakeCountyEye's comedic eye-teeth were cut -- back in the day -- memorizing John and Blanche Bickerson's hilarious routines.
Blanche: You used to be so considerate. Since you got married to me you haven't got any sympathy at all.
John: I have, too. I've got everybody's sympathy.
Blanche: Believe me, there's better fish in the ocean than the one I caught.
John: There's better bait, too.
Blanche: I don't see how you can go to bed without kissing me good night.
John: I can do it.
Blanche: You'd better say you're sorry for that, John.
John: Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Blanche: You are not.
John: I am too. I'm the sorriest man that was ever born.
Blanche: You stopped loving me the day we were married.
John: That wasn't the day at all.
Ha ha, timeless comedy always reads like it was ripped fresh from today's headlines! Anyhow, your LakeCountyEye was inspired to compile a list of ten other famous battling couples, taken from the annals of history. This will be a quiz and readers are challenged to guess who would win in a fair fight:

Who Would Win in a Fair Fight?
  1. Al Bundy vs Peggy Bundy
  2. Leroy Lockhorn vs Loretta Lockhorn
  3. Ralph Kramden vs Alice Kramden
  4. Felix vs Oscar
  5. Lucy Ricardo vs Ricky Ricardo
  6. Archie Bunker vs Edith Bunker
  7. Wile E Coyote vs Road Runner
  8. Hyacinth Bucket vs Richard Bucket
  9. Fred Flintstone vs Wilma Flintstone
  10. Abbott vs Costello

Readers may send their guesses to

Bonus points will be awarded to readers who can suggest other famous battling couples omitted from the list. There are no restrictions, the couples can be real or fictional, famous, or just someone who coulda been a contender.


Team America said...

Sente vs. Mathias!

Anonymous said...

Yingling vs Cole

Anonymous said...

Suzi vs. Bob!

Team America said...


Anonymous said...

Pish-posh, TA. You're boring.

Anonymous said...

Schmidt vs Mike Ditka......Da Coach