Friday, August 12, 2011

Biting Satire

Sooner or later it was probably inevitable. As readers of this blog are repeatedly aware ...
Kick a Guy When He's Down
in an age when political cartoons are generated by CGI software or Photoshop, it is refreshing to know the Lake County Journal employs a cartoonist who draws his own cartoons. By hand. The unmistakable do-it-yourself style of his cartoons has inspired the moniker:
DIY Cartoonist
Anyhow, the DIY Cartoonist™ at the Lake County Journal has achieved the inevitable, by drawing a DIY cartoon:

A Do-It-Yourself Summer Cartoon
The picture depicts a mosquito feeding on a generic donor. The reader is given the opportunity to choose what the mosquito represents -- and is given some generic disagreeable options.

The mosquito in question -- probably a Culex Pipiens -- looks to be a male. Your LakeCountyEye is no entomologist, but is pretty sure that only female mosquitoes bite. Also the mosquito is shown grinning with bared teeth. Your LakeCountyEye is even more sure that mosquitoes do not have teeth.

Obviously cartoonists enjoy a great deal of license when it comes to lampooning their targets. Your LakeCountyEye has taken some potshots at the DIY Cartoonist™ as well as the Lake County Journal. Is the DIY Cartoonist™ returning fire? One operative has pointed out the drawing of the mosquito bears more than a passing resemblance to your LakeCountyEye. It is hard to say if this was deliberately intended by the DIY Cartoonist™ or merely wishful thinking on the part of the operative. Readers of this blog can decide for themselves if the carnivorous insect looks anything like your LakeCountyEye:

DIY Cartoonist™ Mosquito

Your LakeCountyEye
If you have difficulty seeing this hilarious LakeCountyEye Double Vision™
that may be tears from uncontrollable laughter.
This is cold comfort, but for your LakeCountyEye's money, the mosquito looks more like Ren & Stimpy:

DIY Cartoonist™ Mosquito

Ren & Stimpy
Ditto above, regarding this hilarious LakeCountyEye Double Vision™

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