Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Joe Walsh: Quite Lying

This must be Lake County connubial bliss week or something. LakeCountyEye operative, Katie Halper, sent this venereal viral video, no doubt with high hopes of taking the Internet by storm.

Actually, your LakeCountyEye found the video somewhere on the CapitolFaxBlog. And Katie Halper is some Internet comedienne in New York. Probably.

Joe Walsh: Quite Lying
Your LakeCountyEye cannot not recall an accent dominating a performance quite like this one, since Fargo.

Your LakeCountyEye notes that the generic Internet comics, wielding generic southsidechicago accents, may now be targeting Lake County's very own Eighth District Congressman, Joe Walsh. This means Walsh has jumped the shark or something.



LC Truth said...

Hilarious and so factual.

IllinoisJim said...

Koch is funding this clown for a Beck style FixedNews show. Then he’ll pay his staff & Ex. “You can fool some of the people……