Monday, August 15, 2011

Get a Room!

An actual lede from an actual Daily Herald story:
Clapping his hands, Joe Walsh strides into a room at Richard Walker’s Pancake House in Crystal Lake on a sunny Saturday morning. He is wearing worn blue crocs, a red polo shirt tucked into rumpled green cargo shorts, his striped belt missing a loop in back.
Walsh faces tough fight ahead in re-election bid to Congress

You have just enjoyed the inaugural segment of your LakeCountyEye's newest running gag:
Get a Room!
Readers will be apprised of future installments of Get a Room!™ when they are available. In the interim, move along please, there is nothing else to see.


IllinoisJim said...

“We had to destroy the village in order to save it.” Good old Vietnam. For years, we all debated whether any infantry officer said that. Sure somebody did. The logic was simple. To achieve the greater future good, we had to destroy the present infrastructure, sheltering Charlie, along with some of the villagers and their belongings. There wasn’t much to save anyway, just straw huts. (This one - time 20 year old was in agreement until he was actually walking through and around the straw huts.)

To me, seeing Mr. Walsh in person and on TV, I see somebody who has been stewing for a long, long time about how to destroy the US to achieve the greater future good, but not prepared for events after the wreck, and not thinking of how outside forces he doesn’t care about understanding will react.

I believe this credit downgrade caught these guys by surprise.

At what education level did Mr. Walsh teach? Advanced levels? He is comfortable teaching class in his town meetings. We have never seen him reason out a problem not found in the lesson plan or syllabus.

Now to the personal. Mr. Walsh grew up in “upper middle class” privilege, in Barrington. What happened after college? Where did he teach? Why is there little record of those years? Did he bounce around? Was he always broke? Is this his chance to follow a “Jon and / or Kate Gosselin” experience to wealth by “puppeteering” for wealthy Koch types?

Anonymous said...


IllinoisJim said...

Yeah, question / comment well taken. I am using somebody else’s blog for my disorganized, 10PM, unedited, stream of conscience rant. I will stick to the two-line approach like everybody else next time.