Friday, August 19, 2011

The Megilla in Lake Villa

Ha ha, your LakeCountyEye must be psychic or something. No sooner does this blog publish its hard-hitting expose of domestic violence ...
The Thrilla in Lake Villa
than domestic violence is brought home, courtesy the local headlines:
Lake County Sheriff's deputies were called to the Lake Villa home of State Sen. Suzanne Schmidt by her husband, Robert, earlier this week, Sheriff Mark Curran said Thursday in a press release. Police were called to a domestic incident Tuesday evening involving the 60-year-old Republican state senator
Police: State Sen. Schmidt involved in domestic incident
More of the same can be seen at ...
Suzanne 'Suzi' Schmidt, State Senator, Involved In Domestic Incident With Husband, Police Say

Deputies called to domestic at Sen. Schmidt’s home

'Verbal argument' brings deputies to state senator's home

Police called to home of state senator for domestic incident
Its been said: dog bites man is not news, but when man bites dog, you got a story. Pretty much the same applies when the Sheriff is called to intervene in a domestic incident. When the incident involves a State Senator, and when it's the Senator's spouse who made the call, you got a story.

The fact that the incident involves a prominent Lake County political figure, Suzi Schmidt, may account for the reason that the Daily Herald has already yanked their version:
The article requested can not be found! Please refresh your browser or go back. (DA,20110818,news,708189903,AR).
Police called to Schmidt home for domestic disturbance

On the flip side, the Lake County Sheriff's office was to the fore and ready with a press release following the incident. Sheriff Make Curran is expected to announce his candidacy for State's Attorney and one doesn't get elected by missing opportunities to see one's name in the media.

For operatives wondering when the 2012 election cycle unofficially begins, you may be looking at it.


Anonymous said...

Anyone notice on Thursday the DH has the story online and Friday it was nowhere to be found. Did they get pressure to pull the story and if so, journalism takes another hit in an already loose professional field.

Anonymous said...

Russell Lissau has been suckling upon Suzi for a decade. He and Joe Walsh are in a race to see who can compromise themselves more quickly, or at least more utterly.

Anonymous said...

I heard her husband ate the last of the twinkies in the house - thats what set her off.