Friday, August 26, 2011

The Hound of the Baskervilla in Lake Villa

Lake County loves a whodunnit. As readers of this blog are strangely aware ...
Godzilla in Lake Villa
Last week, sheriff's deputies were summoned by the spouse of State Senator Suzi Schmidt to intervene in a domestic kerfuffle. In this case however, the mystery is not so much a whodunnit -- operatives everywhere know who did it -- but a what-happened-to-it.

The what-happened-to-it, in this case, is a Daily Herald report of the incident. The report, posted online on Aug 18, vanished as suddenly as it appeared, without a trace, never to be seen again.

Most media sources -- including the Tribune, News-Sun, Sun-Times, Northwest Herald -- posted versions, which are still available online. However all that remains of the Daily Herald story are a few tantalizing bits and pieces of evidence captured by the search engines:

This much is known:
Lake County Sheriff's Lt. Christopher Thompson said deputies were called to the Schmidt home near Lake Villa at 6 p.m. Tuesday by Schmidt's husband Robert, 63. Deputies took statements from both Robert Schmidt, and Suzie Schmidt, ...
Police called to Schmidt home for domestic disturbance
Everything else is subject to much heated debate.

That Lake County's newspaper of record -- the Daily Herald -- could so quickly misfile a story, and under mysterious circumstances, and without a word of explanation, is disturbing to say the least. Your LakeCountyEye has taken the liberty of rounding up the usual operatives suspects, and with the aid of 100% legal enhanced interrogation methods, has obtained some valuable leads. Ten, to be exact. Operatives are challenged to dust off their deerstalker caps and join in the hunt for the whereabouts of the missing Daily Herald story:

Ten Leads for Locating a Missing Daily Herald story:
Police called to Schmidt home for domestic disturbance
  1. Look under the campaign bus.
  2. Check all the public reststops on the Route 53 Extension.
  3. Inspect the skybox at the Fielders Stadium.
  4. Talk to the roulette croupier at the Park City Casino.
  5. Find the owners of Winchester House.
  6. Lost in the mail, along with Joe Walsh's child support check.
  7. Search along the Lake County Olympic Village Equestrian trail.
  8. Canvass Lake County Board Districts 22 & 23.
  9. Ask the Millburn Strangler.
  10. Follow the Money

Where to look for your LakeCountyEye this weekend? Not a clue!


LC Truth said...

In this case, not much a-do about the crime, although had it been one of us, as always happens in Lake County, one person would be in the back seat of the car for a little drive to the east and appearance in front of a person wearing a black robe. But if you are SS, then the old time gulag just turn on their blind-eyes.
Now the cover up by the DH may just turn out to be the real issue in the coming months.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Daily Herald could explain by saying:"Schmidt happens".