Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Can't Handle the Truth?

The future of education in Lake County is devolving at a faster clip than even your LakeCountyEye anticipated. Creationism pseudoscience had infiltrated Lake County High School science classes to the extent that your LakeCountyEye was compelled to compile a quick-reference web-guide:
High School Confidential
Now the latest domino to tumble down superstition's hungry maw is Libertyville HS. The Daily Herald reports on the eye-opening facts:
Dist. 128 investigating creationism claims at Libertyville High School
The LakeCountyEye clip'n'save tote-sheet has been updated accordingly:

Where to Look for
Creationism Being Taught
in Lake County
Antioch High School
Barrington High School
Deerfield High School
Grant High School
Grayslake High School
Warren High School
Highland Park High School
Lake Forest High School
Lake Zurich High School
Lakes Community High School
Libertyville High School
Stevenson High School
Mundelein High School
North Chicago High School
Round Lake High School
Vernon Hills High School
Wauconda High School
Waukegan High School
Zion-Benton High School
Creationist On Board
Creationist Not On Board
Creationist Conceivably On Board

Were this trend-line to continue, look for creationism to run the table.


IllinoisJim said...

I am surprised that the Lake County GOP hasn't jumped on this as they did with the Libertyville Library Board member who would burn and ban books based on his particular religious beliefs. After that incident, I felt that there is still adult logic within the GOP as a group vs. their odd Far Right in Lake County. God, I hope the Dems never go back to their lunatic fringe present in the 60’s. As of now, Democrats as a whole can be depended on to govern all of us.

Human Ape said...

The Christian war against science education when end only after Christianity has been eradicated.

Barney Baxter said...

hi Human Ape,
I'm sure radical athiests, far and wide, all agree.

Human Ape said...

Spelling correction:
The Christian war against science education WILL end only after Christianity has been eradicated.

"I'm sure radical athiests, far and wide, all agree."

There's nothing radical about not being a wimpy suck-up.

Barney Baxter said...

hi Human Ape,

This blog keeps an open & unmoderated comment section and your comments are welcome.

An FYI, if I were marketing a product -- like Darwinism or Atheism -- I probably wouldn't say things like "only after Christianity has been eradicated". In my experience, that sort of rhetoric only frightens away the customers. Just sayin!