Wednesday, March 30, 2011

That Healthy Glow

Speaking for Internet bloggers of all school ages, your LakeCountyEye was more than chagrined to learn of legislation, working its way through the Springfield sausage-making machine, that will deny anyone under 18 access to their tanning parlor. According to the Daily Herald ...
Most high schoolers wouldn't be allowed to use tanning beds under legislation approved by a Senate committee Tuesday. A panel voted 6-4 to ban children under 18 from using tanning beds, with supporters arguing that young people who start tanning early and often are especially susceptible to melanoma and other cancers caused by ultraviolet light.
Senate panel says children under 18 shouldn't tan
Toiling late hours in the basements of their parental units, bloggers are a pasty-faced bunch under the best of circumstances. This new intrusion upon Illinois's epidermal freedoms would render your LakeCountyEye, for one, whiter than a Glenn Beck rally. In Salt Lake City. In a snowstorm! Were it not for the LakeCountyEye tatts, your LakeCountyEye would be facing a prospect of total transparency.

Luckily the whole Chernobyl-2.0 situation in Japan promises to provide some melanomic sustenance. According to the Daily Herald ...
Low levels of radiation from Japan have been discovered in test samples taken in unincorporated DuPage and Will counties, officials said Tuesday. Warrenville-based Exelon Nuclear said small amounts of radioiodine 131, a type of radioactive isotope associated with the troubled Japanese plants, were discovered March 22 during testing at Dresden, its nuclear plant near Morris in Will County.
'Low levels' of Japan's radiation reach suburbs
They say when DuPage sneezes, Cook coughs. And when Cook coughs, it's on Lake County. Given the prevailing winds, your LakeCountyEye plans to be nicely bronzed by Easter -- and all from the comfort of the LakeCountyEye underground bunker.

That bright glowing light you see when cruising Grand Ave might be red-light camera. Or it just might be your LakeCountyEye.

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