Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Truth Spoken to Power Here

Suspicious minds -- out of necessity -- will view this blog with suspicion, while calumniating your LakeCountyEye's good name with accusations of liberal bias. Well, a pox upon thy house, and fie upon thee (not to mention foe and fum), your LakeCountyEye has the Conservative chops of a Chuck Norris and the street cred to prove it. High ranking Conservatives throughout the county have confided to your LakeCountyEye ...
The Swift Boat of Truth
that they are winning their war against the children. The battlelines are drawn where the children are taught their degeneracy: the public schools.

The secret weapon at the disposal of every Conservative are the three Gs: Guns, God & Gays. Conservatives have the guns. Conservatives have God on their side. And Conservatives don't fight like the girls.

Those readers understandably skeptical are asked to ponder one open letter recently penned by a proactive LakeCountyEye Operative:
The below letter was sent to Representative Ed Sullivan Jr., Representative Carol Sente, Senator Dan Duffy, and Senator Terry Link of the Illinois State Legislature.

Atheism in our education system is a bigger threat than terrorism. If students are given ungodly instruction, they grown up being ungodly. God gave the command to not commit adultery (fornication) to Israel for a reason. It was not to "limit their fun". There are unwanted issues which arise when the gift of sexual relations is abused. Look at the problems that the "free love" movement gave us from the sixties, and "shacking up" in the seventies. We now have a whole lot of broken families, unwed mothers (many times over), and disease.

How hard is it for a man in his mid-twenties to find a virgin for a wife these days?

Atheism in Illinios' Education System
How hard is it indeed?

The message could not be any clearer. Will students be given their instruction in the three Rs or in the three Gs? The choice is simple. Reps Sullivan, Sente, Duffy & Link, consider yourselves on notice.

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You guys at LCE...what a conservative blog group.. :-)