Friday, March 25, 2011

Townhall of Fame

Conventional wisdom, in its wisdom, dictates that while the tednugent histrionics may have landed him on the cover of Time Magazine, Joe Walsh has nonetheless made himself vulnerable in 2012. At least that's the thinking of 50 guys running already against Walsh. That number is sure to grow (perhaps to the theoretical limit) as office seekers on both the left and the right sense an opportunity to pick up a quick and easy W in the Eighth Congressional District. Would-be opponents to Walsh already have their people (or they themselves) oppo-ing the incumbent. As was reported on this blog ...
Paint the Townhall Red
State Rep Jack Franks was spotted at one recent Walsh townhall meeting. With more of these townhalls looming on the horizon, expect to see many more familiar faces in attendance. And now that Joe Walsh has leveraged himself from unlikely representative of an obscure Illinois Congressional District into a bona-fide Palinesque celebrity, there is an additional expectation to spy some buffed-up star-power in attendance as well.

Operatives have not been disappointed -- here are ten more heavy-hitters spotted at one Walsh townhall or another:

Ten Persons of Interest
Seen at Joe Walsh Townhalls

  1. Scott Lee Cohen

  2. Princess Nudelman

  3. Charlie Sheen

  4. Don Henley

  5. Waldo

  6. Muammar Gaddafi

  7. Cal Skinner

  8. John Beckwith / Jeremy Grey

  9. Patrick Fitzgerald

  10. Phil Crane

More townhalls loom. Look for your LakeCountyEye you know where.

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