Saturday, March 26, 2011

Working Blue

They must not be feeling the love in Island Lake. The Daily Herald penned a we-are-not-amused editorial about them ...
The dysfunctional Island Lake village board continues to set the standard for politicians behaving badly. We've criticized them before in this space for squabbling like alley cats instead of concentrating on the people's business, but they show no signs of changing.
End the bad behavior in Island Lake
So mean!

On top of that, Island Lake is being ignored by your LakeCountyEye. In your LakeCountyEye's defense, this is a non-partisan blog and would be ill-advised to step into any public scene of partisan mud-slinging. Besides, Island Lake has as its village motto ...
A Community of Friendly People
It's hard to satirize anything with as well-endowed a talent to satirize itself.

The Inbox does contain a nice note from one Island Lake Trustee, thanking your LakeCountyEye for compliments. Your LakeCountyEye, though, was chided for the use of profanity. The Trustee (who will remain nameless) noted that Island Lake Trustees have mothers who read these blogs. In your LakeCountyEye's defense, the tactical use of profanity has been permitted in the past, but the point is well taken.

The Trustee also has a blog ...
What's Happening in Island Lake
and sharpeyed operatives will notice it has been added to your LakeCountyEye's Local Blogs of Note. It's quite obvious that all they crave over in Island Lake is just a little attention. Your LakeCountyEye is happy to oblige.

As as added incentive to operatives, some handy Google links to the blog have been provided ...




Pottymouthed mofos may look for your LakeCountyEye posting comments over at ...
What's Happening in Island Lake

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