Monday, March 21, 2011

Flatter of Opinion

All things being equal, the Northwest Herald is in the newspaper business. This fact alone goes a long way toward dispelling misconceptions over why the Herald frequently publishes editorials. Their latest opinion of diminutive Senator Mark Kirk:
If handing out mock awards was all that Kirk was doing, we'd be concerned. But Illinois' junior senator has been busy on many issues of substance. In the past month, Kirk introduced a bipartisan bill to prevent bullying in schools. He worked with other Illinois leaders to reach a deal on the O'Hare International Airport expansion. His amendment to expedite assistance to small business owners during the federal patent approval process was approved. He plans to travel to the Horn of Africa this spring, then push anti-piracy legislation in response to bloody Somali pirate attacks. To put it mildly, the guy's been busy representing the interests of Illinois and the nation, so we see no harm in his Silver Fleece Award.
New 'award' targets waste
Three words, gentlemen -- get a room. It is unclear whether this is an editorial or a Valentine to Mark Kirk posing as one. The last time your LakeCountyEye witnessed this much fawning, Bambi's mother died. If the Northwest Herald has become a wire-service for Mark Kirk press releases, your LakeCountyEye at least hopes they are billing at union rates.

Ha ha, the home-town media outlets have to practice this sort of embarrassing, bend-over journalism if they hold any hope toward seeing their calls returned. Look for your LakeCountyEye on craigslist:
Comical Internet blogger seeks Congressional liaison for purposes of discretionary friending.

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