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A Blink of the Eye: 07.14.09

Your LakeCountyEye has been conducting a seminar on how to protect the corporate brand during times of adversity. To Charlie Sheen. All night.

In the meantime, please enjoy this encore presentation of a 2009 post:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Will O'Rourke be Borked?

For operatives just tuning in:
With the defection of Bob Sabonjian from the County Board (for that executive figurehead position in his dad's organization), County Board Chair Suzi Schmidt is increasingly desperate to find a suitable replacement. One recent candidate has evaded attempts at contact and is believed to be in the Federal Witness Protection Program. The latest applicant, Collin O'Rourke, is thought to be a member of the Green Party. Illinois law stipulates that Sabonjian -- a Democrat -- must be replaced by a member of the same party.

At issue is O'Rourke's voting record. In the 2008 Presidential Primary he voted for a Green candidate. In the 2009 Municipal Primary, O'Rourke took a Democratic ballot. Is O'Rourke a Green or a Democrat?

County Commissioner Angelo Kyle thinks Green. Kyle, carrying water for the donkey, argues that the 2009 Waukegan Primary didn't have any Greens on the ballot; or Republicans or Whigs or any other party besides the Democrats. So the 2008 Primary ballot would be the true indicator of O'Rourke's party loyalties.

But, not so fast, says an Assistant State's Attorney speaking on behalf of Michael Waller's office. The ASA argues that they're the ones with the law degrees and they say the last ballot is the one that matters. And that makes O'Rourke a Democrat, case closed. So move along, there's nothing here to see.

Tune in to about 09:45 for the actual exchange between Kyle and the ASA:
SAS (10:55)
The focus when we're trying to answer the question as a matter of law -- is this person a Democrat -- is: what was the last political party ballot that he pulled? And we're focusing on him, his voting record, not whether someone in some other municipality might have been able to vote or not vote a partisan ballot at that time. We looked at his last vote, his last political party ballot. And I have spoken with the County Clerk and she has told me that the last party ballot that he pulled was a Democratic party ballot. And for that reason I told the Chairman and I told the other County Board members who have asked that I think he is qualified, he is a Democrat for purposes of Illinois law. And the fact that he once voted a Green Party ballot in a primary would not disqualify this person from being appointed to the vacancy created by Sabonjian's resignation.

SAS (15:15)
I think what's important here is Mr O'Rourke most recently voted as a Democrat.

Lake County Board 07-14-2009
Note to operatives: the Lake County Board can make up its own rules as it goes along, because Michael Waller can be counted on to carry water for the Suzi. So be careful how you vote in that next Primary. That party ballot you ask for -- Democratic, Republican, Green, whatever -- is your legal & binding declaration of Party affiliation. No exceptions!

For the record, the County Board went on to approve the O'Rourke appointment by a vote of a zillion to nothing.

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