Saturday, October 18, 2014

Imaginary Numbers

politics is a numbers game If money is the mother's milk of politics then the Illinois GOP must be the well-oiled breast pump. At least according to the Daily Herald:
With the election 20 days away and in-person early voting starting Monday, tallies of campaign spending reveal where the toughest legislative battles are being waged in the suburbs. Five Illinois House contests we looked at drew donations of more than $200,000 in the third quarter of the year.
GOP puts big money into 5 suburban races
The Herald examined five IL House races and concluded that Illinois Republicans were spending some big money. Just how much money is big money? Your LakeCountyEye loaded the Daily Herald numbers into a spreadsheet to find out:
ContestRepublicanRaisedDemocrat RaisedAdvantage
IL 61st HouseSheri Jesiel$228KLoren Karner$414K$186K +D
IL 45th HouseChristine Winger$245KJenny Burke$293K$48K +D
IL 55th HouseMel Thillens$124KMarty Moylan$370K$246K +D
IL 62nd HouseRod Drobinski$36KSam Yingling$238K$202K +D
IL 59th HouseLeslie Munger$61KCarol Sente$179K$118K +D
TOTALRepublicans$694KDemocrats$1,494K$800K +D
Source: GOP puts big money into 5 suburban races
As operatives can plainly see, it doesn't look good for the Democrats, at least in the burbs. Out of 5 different State Rep contests -- hand-picked for analysis by the Daily Herald -- the Republicans are outfunded in only 5 of them. And overall they lag behind the Democrats by an insignificant $800,000. The Herald was right on the money!

When the Daily Herald sees the GOP pouring big money into suburban IL House races, your LakeCountyEye listens. Note to ops: if you work for one of those overfunded Democratic opponents, do yourself a favor and cut your losses. Quit now.

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