Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Nod is as Good as a Wink to a Blind Endorsement

The LakeCountyEye Seal of Approval Your LakeCountyEye has learned that a general election will be held on November 4th. While technically speaking an off-brand-election, this one is still a real election -- where guys run for office and get elected and then go somewhere and do some other junk.

Well, if an election is scheduled soon, can the LakeCountyEye endorsements be far behind? Your LakeCountyEye thinks not.

Note to ops: It is still not too late to secure a coveted LakeCountyEye endorsement for your candidate. You know the drill. Just write out a contribution -- with the word Endorse Me! on the subject line -- and deposit it into your LakeCountyEye's PAC ...
A Lake County PAC in the Eye
The minute the check clears, a LakeCountyEye endorsement (suitable for framing) will appear, as if by magic, on this blog. What could be easier?

Sample nut grafs from past endorsements to satisfied candidates -- and suggested donations -- are shown here:
$100 : The Perfunctory Endorsement

"By any outward appearance, this candidate is ebola free."

"He gets the LakeCountyEye nod."

$1,000 : The Qualified Endorsement

"This candidate is not nearly as corrupt as his opponent."

"He gets the LakeCountyEye nod."

$10,000 : The Enthusiastic Endorsement

"All the smart money is going to this candidate."

"He gets the LakeCountyEye nod."

$100,000 : The Gubernatorial Special

"Anyone not voting for this candidate will have a fatal accident."

"He gets the LakeCountyEye nod."
Do not delay. Offer expires Tuesday, November 4, 7pm.

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