Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Cockamamie Moment

pie gaffe Joe Biden came to Lake County. The News-Sun was waiting for him:
Vice President Joe Biden will show up Wednesday for a political speech in Vernon Hills. It could be dull. After all, it's just two weeks before the midterm national elections, and Biden can be expected to carry the Democratic Party flag and jab at Republicans. Nothing scintillating about that. On the other hand, maybe this will be one of those "Biden Being Biden" moments
Opinion: Maybe we’ll get to see Biden being Biden
The Vice President did not disappoint. Biden was caught cussing and the News-Sun was all over it like ketchup on a Happy Meal:
Criticizing Republican plans to turn Medicare into a voucher system and cut funding for education and other programs, Biden condemned the GOP's budget proposals. "Show me your budget and I'll show you your values." he said, before going into attack mode. "These guys believe it. These guys mean what they say. As cockamamie as it sounds, they believe it."
Biden denounces 'cockamamie' Republican values at Vernon Hills rally
Haha, the Vice President said cockamamie.

Question to ops: Is there a worse feeling than when the boss wanders too close to an open mic and utters some barnyard epithet? Your LakeCountyEye does not think so.

In the Vice President's defense, the word cockamamie is technically not a swear word -- but your LakeCountyEye is reluctant to call down the News-Sun. C'mon, who knows what cockamamie means, anyways? Not likely the News-Sun.

Your LakeCountyEye, however, does -- and has compiled a number of suitable substitutes for the word cockamamie. If you are one who needs to express inner feelings out in public, be sure to memorize all 10 of these:
Ten Genteel Euphemisms for the Word
Suitable for Polite Company
  1. Shit for Brains
  2. Off the Canadian National Rails
  3. Not Dressed for Concealed Carry
  4. In Low Orbit Around a Lake County Traffic Circle
  5. Riding the Goliath Without a Helmet
  6. Two Buffalo Wings Less Than a Backyard Chicken
  7. Chumbolone
  8. One Story Short a Waukegan Court Tower
  9. Bhatschidtkhrazzi
  10. $2.89 Billion Shy a Route 53 Extension
Look for your LakeCountyEye gaffing out loud near you.

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